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How to make Girl Happy

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Satisfactory at the Women's Tip Top Roll and Top Secret Meeting Orgasme

we are not talking about cewek bispak or cewek indonesia bugil. What we talking here is something like cute japan girl pose hot. We are talking about tips to make your girl friend more happy while with you. Don't think like cewek bispak telanjang. Most men have a selfish attitude in dealing Sex. Whether they realize it or not, but most men only to the kesenangannya own when dealing with intimate partner. Clear that they were not too happy considering whether or pasanganya reached after orgasme intimate touch with. Men like this are not clear Sejati Men, and Men like this usually do not have enough knowledge about sex and the ropes. Malangnya what if a woman has a pair like this.

If you want to become men who are dissatisfied Sejati and make your partner. So it's good that you have enough knowledge about sex and the ropes

Spot-Spot On Main Sensitive Women

Each point has a woman's body sensitivity and reaction is different when the stimulus. Some women can terbuai when paired ears touched the tongue, but there are also women who will "drop" gairahnya ears when touched. Because a straight face or a weird feeling because it is not common. Therefore, as a man you must know and recognize your favorite pair.

Mutual give and receive intimate when connected is one of several "key" to reach peak sexual pleasure. Active communication and mutual scrutiny is very involved in the process of giving and receiving.

Murmur on the pair, where the "vulnerable" property that you need pressure, touch or pijitan. Do not leave your search for "point" sensitive that you can make the cut.

According to the results of research, the body of a woman has a point-point super-sensitive. When this area is getting a touch of the stimulus or stimuli and the results will be very exceptional. Touch in the right areas and at the right time also need to be implemented in a woman during an attempt to stimulate your partner. Do not climb up to the place and time would damage the atmosphere.

In addition to sex organs such as breast and vagina, the area around the ear, neck, and thigh akan mengelorakan passion if dirangsang. Touch or stimulus disekujur skin soft body will be very effective mengiring women towards sex the next game round. Try to explore your body with menyabuninya, how this can disassemble part of the body where the most sensitive.

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According penemunya, Grafenberg, Germany genekologi experts, three inches towards the wall in the vagina there is a local cause that is capable of extraordinary taste sensation when the left, diusap, or pressed. Part of this software wujudnya more rough wall of vagina is called titit G, or G-Spot by Grafenberg.

G Titiik akan tumefy and this set if the stimuli. Almost 90% of women will respond with this exciting stimuli. Many books write that this point G akan orgasme speed on the woman.

Easier to use hands to finger up at the point G. To three inches in any part of the rather rough skin vagina wall, hold briefly and usaplah section. If you feel comfortable pair forward until you touch him and mengelinjang reach orgasme.


C means the point or Klitoris clitoris, a part of the stimulus dots. when the penis klitoris, the stimulus will be felt by women dasyat more and more often the cause is left akan orgasme on women.


It is in the vagina that make up the area. AFE (Anterior Fornix Erotic). Zone is located opposite each other or with the opposite wall of vagina. You will find this area if wet vagina start.

A malaysia seksolog Dr. Chee Ann Chua who has a sex therapy clinic, reported in penemuannya meeting seksolog se-Asia in India in 1994. AFE Zone according to him have known since thousands of years ago. Even noted in the book kamasutra.

DR. Chua conduct the survey, the results from 193 women, 11 of them are very satisfied that the pair they "play" in this area. "If you are one of the women who had felt the pleasure saaat penis pair" danced "in the name is not known, it may be that the AFE" said Dr. Chua.


U means that the point Uretra alias ureter. Kevin Mc Kenna psychologist and uolog from Nortwestern University Medical School, said peernah sometimes does not think that this is an area sexual excitement during the first start have sex.

Point U is located on the bottom right klitoris. Women's meragsang can only do this part during masturbasi. Similarly, when men are seeking women litoris ago touched or left U titit it. You can say that it is not klitoris but it's really delicious.

And after learning the body parts of women's sensitive or sensitive, then the next question is how, and when the Women's orgasme or ejakulasi. This note menginggat men need to know when the time or motivation to do the launch "attacks"

G Spot and Other Sensitive Spot.

As reviewed previously, have a place in the vagina that when touched will make a great woman inflame. This point in a regular point G, namely penemunya As the physician Ernest Grafenberg who first them in 1950. Many women can find a point G on its setengan up to 2 inches from the hole in the wall of vagina income on the front, right behind the bone genitalia. some women even find that there are more.

Please note that some of the women initially did not feel comfortable because you want to feel a small void at point G is left out. So should first discuss your plans and explains the possibility that will happen. If it happens then it is reasonable-reasonable time. It is recommended to alleviate the touch. Malaise that only happens for about one minute only. Next risibility urine will be gradually changed and lost favor with the great taste.

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If you have already paired with the second lie naked pahanya show that opened wide vaginanya a little milk and sign up already heighten excitement. This is a sign that you should be "entering" it. Searching the point G can be done with a finger or your penis. If during the search point G and then it turns out it does not feel pleasure because you want to taste the fruit dejecta He should ask you first so that the urine matrix kencingnya really empty. May be easier for him to find his own point G in a way to sit astride jongkok with a wide-width vaginannya down.

Doing intimate relationship with the position of face-to-face or on the bottom of which is the conventional style is usually not the point G akan it, often not even the point G on its way. To overcome this pair of women recommended you straddle lift pantatnya ago and put a pillow to rebound the buttocks. This position makes the penis during penetration can make the point G is. Another position that can be done is to ask your partner for women sleep telungkup in the stomach with a pillow and have him mengangkangkan feet. Then you enter it from behind.

Feed it only superficially, or only his head, is the most good for the G-spot is. Fingertips are usually good for the most touching and stimulate the G spot lincah. pair so that you will be able to experience the extraordinary comfort.

Some women say that the most sensitive point their finger is between 4 and figure eight. Approximately oertengahan vagina wall. In this section there is a collection of nerve which is very sensitive so akan inflammable by touch.

With mengosokkan penis into the vagina arau mengarahkannya keberbagai akan direction might make you know that your partner has a specific point or other sensitive point. Excitation point G is just part of the complement of delight you can give to your partner.

In the women Ejakulasi

Women's ejakulasi? Some experts claim sex on the ability point G "mengejakulasikan" liquid color is very clear that women inflame. This makes some sex experts concluded that the point G can be the equality of men prostat gland. Many women worry that berejakulasi that they actually dispose of urine. But the actual fluid is truly art and not the water taste like urine will usually be immediately lost when women feel the pleasure of the climb stimulus.

You may feel the "spray" on your penis during the fuck. Sometimes even "spray" that can be seen. Few women mengejakulasikan fluids is one teaspoon or less out uretra when they berorgasme.


Compare the tool in other sexual anatomy, breast looks most simple. Putingnya located dipuncak with both breast and areola dark lingkarang can increase and become solid when inflame. Stimulation of "key" and "knop" made good on the hilt. Some women like sangan excitation sekeyika the hilt, but there is also a more like with excitation light such as light touch-nyentuh indirectly. Cobaah grope around in your breast to increase the sense of terangsangnya and nafsunya akan mengelegak before you touch the hilt. Putting susu is thick and the thin. Putting susu is usually bold color while the darker color is usually light reddish and relatively more sensitive.

Mengeelitik with the tongue or suck mengigitnya the light and often very effective to generate birahi, because the tongue of the chi (energy).

Clitoris while finger fuck

A research report that about 70 percent of women in need of at least examine some of the stimulus on kelentitnya (clitoris – Java language). Clitoris is similar to the head of the penis, the area is a very sensitive and delicate. orgasme women can expect without kelentitnya excitative get the same with men menghaarapakan can orgasme without provocation in the head penisnya.

Not surprising that, in connexion with the position of face-to-face, top-down, many women who can not reach the summit because orgasme most sensitive part of the clitoris vagina vaginanya not get direct touch. Sometimes the bones male genitalia akan mengosok clitoris or selubungnya because kelentitnya own akan interested during copulation. But this is clearly not mengantikan comfort with direct stimulation penis, finger or your mouth.

Variations at Position Bersenggama

Bersenggama position in the role which is very important to make women reach peak orgasme. Try different positions during sex allows dealing terkenanya on all the sensitive because salty vagina vagina fuck the respective positions of different friction between the penis with the dots on the sensitivity of different vagina vagina. If all the dots are all sensitive to the vagina is exposed to friction during intercourse, or stimulus, of course, the impulse akan orgasme a peak total of extraordinary favor of women felt by your partner. Therefore do not use only one style or one position only when try make various variations and check the position where the most preferred by your partner.

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